Building Pro Tools home producing studio

A nice way to get a quality low budget home recording and producing studio is to choose Pro Tools. For a home studio located in a small room this is a great method to save not only money but also space.

The most important part of the Pro Tools system is the DigiDesign MBox 2. It’s price varies around $450. This MBox 2 has all the necessary software included in order to start your home recording. It works perfectly well with both PC and Mac and has not only Pro Tools recording software but also all the necessary plug-ins. The similar option is MBox 2 Mini, which is considered to be the MBox’s little brother.

In order to get a full home producing studio with all the necessary equipment, the advice would be to buy the Fostex PM0.4 Studio Bundle which would solve all your musical gear problems at only $500. This bundle contains a pair of powered monitors with a subwoofer, which is irreplaceable for mixing purposes, a pair of headphones for recording and AKG Perception large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a microphone stand. In addition you will get a set of cables to get started with your new home studio. This way buying this all-in-one package along with MBox 2 system will make you a happy owner of a nice home recording studio at only $950.