sound engineer

This article has a purpose of suggesting a home recording engineer several solutions on how to build a home production studio at affordable price. The great bit of a home musician’s talent is an ability to find best deals for buying professional gear at the bet price.

Attack The first part of a sound. On a compressor/limiter, a control that affects how that device will respond to the attack of a sound.

Attenuation A decrease in level.

Automation A system that memorizes, then plays back the position of all faders and mutes on a console.

Bandwidth The number of frequencies that a device will pass before the signal degrades. A human being can supposedly hear from 20Hz to 20kHz, so the bandwidth of the human ear is 20 to 20kHz.

Vibrations in matter. That is how we usually define sound. When playing the guitar, you strum a string, and it swings one way. The pressure is applied on the surrounding molecules and high pressure is created around the string. When the string swings back, the high pressure transforms into a low pressure zone. The pitch is defined by how many swings are made per minute. Here comes the term „frequency“. The frequency depends on the number of high and low pressure waves made within one second.